Cycles  LbNA # 12371 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 26 2004
LocationSt. Marks, FL
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********NOTE: Cycles has been burned to ashes in a "prescribed burn". I will be replanting this one soon. Check back for updates or e-mail me.***********

Cycles is based on a belief. This letterbox taught me about life. It is not my best stamp because I carved it freehand, but honestly it might be my most important letterbox. There is an underlying lesson to Cycles and I hope you discover it. The location is wonderful, and kids will totally appreciate it. This if my first out-of-state lbox, and I was very lucky to find such a great location.

Difficulty for lbox: Takes about 25 minutes. Less than 1 mile of walking on flat ground.

Head out to the St. Marks lighthouse. Park in front of the lighthouse and take the Lighthouse Levee Trail. Follow this trail until you come to a right-hand turn. There will be a covered bench here.

From the bench take 75 steps along the right-hand turn path, not the path you just arrived from.

On your left will be a cluster of 3 palm trees. Step behind the trees and Cycles will be hidden under an old palm tree leaf and sheddings from the tree. Stamp in and re-hide with precision—I try to make it look like a very natural setting. Poke around with a stick before reaching your hand in the palm sheddings.

Enjoy. Please send me reports about Cycle's condition since I'm planting this one out of state.