Hidden Treasures  LbNA # 12373 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerFlying J    
Placed DateNov 26 2004
LocationMonona, WI
Found By Riiyak
Last Found Jul 3 2005
Hike Distance?

Terrain: Easy, but I wouldn't use a stroller for part of it.
Time: 30 minutes or so
Stamp: Terrible carving job, done in my car in the parking lot with an exacto knife.
Dogs are not allowed, despite the numerous pawprints.

Begin at the Edna Taylor Conservation Park on Femrite Drive.

Now for the fun part...

Coepit de primus semita vias ad piscina ambulabis. Sequebas semita inter duae piscinae. Quam semitas dividit, a dextrorsus ambulat. Paulisper semita iterum dividibit. Mane a semita a dextrorsus. Viginti de passus de furca, videt dextrosus in agris affectus a quinque magna carya ovata arbor. Proximus est caducus arbor. Riscus in fundus est.

Now for the really fun part...
After you've found the box and had a nice time enjoying the park, head left out of the parking lot, go about half a block and visit my favorite store, the Treasure Mart, on the right side of the road. It is a really nifty thrift/consignment store, where you are likely to find a number of treasures. Look for the wagon wheels on the front of the store.