MAKING TRACKS SOUTH (Temporarily Closed 6-13-06)  LbNA # 12399 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 27 2004
LocationTopeka, KS
Planted ByPUPPYLUV    
Found By The Echoes
Last Found Jun 2 2006
Hike Distance?

In Topeka, drive to the corner of 6th and Gage (Exit south on Gage from I-70). Drive west on 6th Street. Just past the intersection, turn southwest toward the impressive archway entrance to Gage Park. It was constructed in memory of Guilford Gage in 1910. When you reach the WWI memorial--a nest with a mother bird and her babies--park on the south side of the street.

Walk south/southwest on the grass until you are even with the 2nd set of vertical landscaping timbers which are visible mainly from the street. Look back to the north and count south 4 trees. A microbox is hidden in a hollow of the 4th tree. After stamping your logbook, please put the microbox upside-down in the hollow and cover it.

So, WHO GOES THERE? To find out who made the tracks, return to your car, drive to the stop sign, turn south on Zoo Parkway and continue your hunt. Notice the train tracks on your right--they go all through the park, but the animal you seek did not make these tracks! Keep going south. Take note of the zoo on your left--lots of tracks from all kinds of animals in the zoo, but you will not find the one you seek here, either. Just keep going south--even past possible tracks at the Horseshoe Court!

Finally you will round a slight bend in the road and see an entrance/exit to the park. Don't go that way! Instead, turn into the parking lot on your left and park on the east side near large, flat limestone rocks. The box you seek is under a stone on the east side of the southern-most rock. This area can be very busy at times...try to be discreet. I will appreciate an update on the condition of these boxes. Thanks!