The Lost Texan Series #3-KS  LbNA # 12428

Placed DateNov 27 2004
LocationOlathe, KS
Found By BuncoQueen
Last Found Oct 26 2008
Hike Distance?

This is in a series of 28 boxes hidden in 14 states.

Difficulty: Medium easy
Distance to Box: 1/3 mile

This box is located in the Prairie Center located at the intersection of Cedar Niles Road and 135th Street.

Park in the lot on Cedar Niles Road and find the little brown info. booth. You can pick up a map there. Head south on the gravel road behind the dark red building into the park. The trail will veer gently to the right and head slightly downhill. After the trail goes more steeply downhill you will come to two ponds on either side of the path. Continue on the gravel path past the ponds up the hill. At the top of the hill you will see an old stone wall on either side. Proceed 2 paces on path past wall. (1 pace=2 steps). Find a bearing of 100 degrees from center of gravel path and proceed 11 paces. Look for a fallen tree with 5 feet of its trunk still standing. Look on the top of the wall for a large rock shaped like Africa. Under this rock you will find the letterbox. Please do not destroy the beautiful old wall looking for the box and please rehide well! Have fun!