The Lost Texan Series #4-KS  LbNA # 12429

Placed DateNov 27 2004
LocationShawnee, KS
Found By green_armyman
Last Found Oct 16 2007
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 26 2015

My Thanks to THE BYRDS for their help in relocating this box for me away from flying arrows!

This is in a series of 28 boxes hidden in 14 states.

This box is hidden in Shawnee Mission Park. Find the huge lookout tower. First, climb the tower and enjoy the beautiful view! Then climb down and locate the nearest lightpole with a cross and an arrow on top. Standing at the base of the lightpole, look out at 250 degrees (a little left of west) at an evergreen tree growing by itself in the middle of a meadow. Walk to that everygreen tree. At 240 degrees from the tree about 93 steps away is a birdfeeder. About a stone's thorw from the birdfeeder is a fence with two red posts. An evergreen tree grows beside it. The evergreen tree has a camouflaged bag with a letterbox in it at about eye-level. walk around the tree looking at the trunk and you'll find it. Have fun!