Ogre  LbNA # 12464

Placed DateNov 27 2004
LocationJohnson City, TX
Found By NLW
Last Found Apr 22 2012
Hike Distance?

Status: Alive and well as of 6/15/09

Replaced stamp 3/17/07

Difficulty: Easy, short walk along well-kept trail.

This letterbox is located in Pedernales Falls State Park.


A large green ogre decided to leave his swamp because he was getting too much company. Being very large, Texas seemed a good place to relocate. People in Texas saw nothing unusual in his size, plus they're not scared of much. Pedernales Falls State Park was attractive to the ogre because of the beautiful scenery at the main falls, and parts near the Twin Falls almost made him homesick for the swamp. He also liked the abundance of food--especially possums. Very similar to swamp rats. He didn't mind watching all the deer run around either; they didn't appear afraid of him much.

The ogre has a favorite rock at the park, because, again, it reminds him of one in his swamp. Many times, on his way back from looking at the main Pedernales Falls at the overlook, he passes by the rock, sometimes sitting there to think.

To find the rock from the overlook, first walk back to the signs that says "No swimming upstream and no swimming downstream..." Take the path to the left going downstream (east). 30 paces from the sign is a cement square on the left side of the path. 70 paces from the cement square is Shrek's rock. The rock is on the left side of the path, to the right of 2 cedar trees about 4 feet apart. Shrek put a box behind his rock, covered with other rocks. If you find this box, please re-cover well with rocks.

Also, two years after he moved in to the park, his wife decided to join him. Look for the Ogress box in a different area of the park.

Don't forget gloves might come in useful, because people hands are not as tough as ogre hands.

Also, don't forget to e-mail MollyGrueTX@yahoo.com with the status of the box.