Horse Heaven Hills  LbNA # 12469

Placed DateNov 29 2004
LocationKennewick/ Umitilla, WA
Found By Baqash
Last Found Aug 13 2013
Hike Distance?

Status: Looks good 5/30/2005, watch out for black widow spiders

Terrain: near the road
Distance of walk: 20ft
Wheel chair friendly: No

The Horse Heaven Hills cover more than 600,000 acres, running about 60 miles, east to west, by about 22 miles, north to south. Covering from the Wallula Gap to Kiona and to Wood Gulch near Roosevelt. Wild horse used to run free in these hills.

The Horse Heaven Hills are primarily known for dry-land wheat farming, but beginning in the mid 1980’s vineyards have gained in prominence.

Getting you close:
From Kennewick, trek south, exiting 395/82 where ‘Locust’ gather, go East then South. Fly past Bat_man. The road you are on came ‘Bofer’ the express.

From Umatilla, travel 395/82 N, exiting a ‘Coffin’ to ‘Bofer’ you go passed ‘Beck’

The Box:
Go 250 yards south of 8%. Look between the 5th & 6th member of the east guard of wood and steel. Their dog sleeps on the spot.