Family Heritage - Durham  LbNA # 12473 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 17 2004
LocationWoodstock, GA
Found By Traveln Turtle
Last Found Dec 30 2006
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Family Heritage – Durham Letterbox

Back in 1935 part of Woodstock, GA was called Hoy’s Crossing and was the location of the Fowler and Hoy family farms. Only the old family cemetery remains of the two farms in what is now a light industrial area. All of the people in the cemetery are related to me in some way, but the closest are George and Susan Durham. They are my great, great, great grandparents on my mom’s side.

To find the letterbox you first need to be on the road in Woodstock that has three names. Sometimes it’s Canton Rd., sometimes it’s Canton Hwy. but most of the time it’s Hwy. 5. Turn onto Lake Rd., cross the railroad tracks and then turn left onto Deen Rd. About half-way down the road you will see a sign that says “Fowler-Hoy Cemetery The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints Sandy Plains Ward”. Park on the side of the road. If you park in the driveways, the businesses will have you towed!

Walk down the gravel drive beside the wooden fence. At the end of the gravel drive a path will continue to a gate that is not locked. Through the gate is a cemetery.

The two largest gravestones are for the Fowlers; for Margaret, John and Thomas and for Ameziah and Mary. In front of the stone for Ameziah are two smaller stones for George and Susan Durham. There is also a hand lettered stone in this graveyard. BE CAREFUL! Some of the graves are marked with natural stones that hide in the grass and some of the graves have settled.

On the wire fence between two trees is a broken blank stone that is leaning against the fence. What you seek is behind the stone. I hope you’ve had fun finding part of my and Cobb County’s heritage.

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