Richard B Russell State Park  LbNA # 12474 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 20 2004
LocationElberton, GA
Found By J Walkers
Last Found Mar 18 2007
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Richard B Russell State Park

Richard B Russell (1897 – 1971) was born in Winder, GA the son of a justice of the Georgia Supreme Court. He began his political career as a state representative and then governor. He was a Democratic member of the US Senate and a supporter of the New Deal and chairman of the Armed Services Committee. He was widely regarded as one of the most powerful members of the Senate. In his last decades he was a leading opponent of civil-rights legislation and broke with his former protégé, President Lyndon Johnson over the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

The R.B. Russell State Park is in the northeastern part of Georgia. Download directions and a park map at or pick up a map at the ranger station. Go to the parking lot for the Blackwell Bridge Loop Trail. The trail is approx. 1.6 miles long.

Hike the trail to the Blackwell Bridge. At the bridge, read the sign and make note of the year the bridge was built, the year it was moved and how wide it is. Subtract the year it was built from the year it was moved. From the far end of the bridge, take this many steps along the trail. Look left. See the pine log in the woods? Go to the log, to the end nearest the lake. Remember how wide the bridge is? Take that many long steps toward the lake to a bent dogwood tree. Green Vines is in the roots of that tree.

Continue on the trail. Be careful, the trail is covered with leaves and can be hard to follow. Cross a wooden bridge and continue to hike. At the second wooden bridge, look behind the bench up the hillside for a tall (10’ or so) tree stump. Behind the stump is a tree trunk on the ground. Tribal Heart is in the hollow trunk, in the end away from the lake.

More hiking, over the third bridge, the forth bridge and to the fifth bridge. Before the fifth bridge are a lot of large boulders. Up the hillside from the trail is another group of boulders. Behind this group is a large tree trying to fall down but caught in another tree. Fountain Flower is in the roots of the leaning tree. It is NOT in the ground (these are deep holes) but in one of the crannies on top.

Keep on the trail and you will come to a paved road. Cross that road, keep on the trail and you will come back to the parking lot.

Usual disclaimers, be careful, be respectful, take out what you take in.