Box needs first aid - see comments in Status page Honest Abe  LbNA # 12487

OwnerBaby Bear      
Placed DateNov 26 2004
LocationKerrville, TX
Found By Aggie Kitty
Last Found Dec 30 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 30 2015

Difficulty: Easy
Distance to Letterbox: About 1/4 mile

Status of letterbox: Alive and Well on 3/23/2009

The "Honest Abe" letterbox is located in Kerrville-Schreiner City Park. This park originally was a State Park, but now is run by the city. It still offers camping, fishing, picnicing, hiking, binking, animal viewing and much more. This box is located very near Silver Eagle's box.

From I-10, go south on Hwy 16 for to Loop 534. Turn left and go about 4 miles to Hwy 173. Turn left and then a quick right into the park. After the entry booth, go right at the fork and follow the road past the group picnic area on the right, to the parking area for Trailhead #1, also on the right.

To the Letterbox:
Take the trail and find Silver Eagle's box (Walk west on the gravel path for about 100 yards until you come to a trail jct. Turn around and go back down the trail the way you came for 15 steps and look right (south) for a multi-trunk cedar tree 5 steps from the trail.). Now go to the trail junction again, and take the left side trail. Stay on this main trail until you come to a large tree pile on your right, and the trail bends sharply to the left. This is about 100 yards from the trail junction. Do not take the bend in the trail. Instead, go west on a faint trail at 270 degrees for 15 steps (into the trees). Locate the large cedar tree on the left. The box is in the croch of this tree.

Let me know the status of this box: