Animals of Westmore  LbNA # 12529

Placed DateDec 4 2004
LocationWest Hartford, CT
Planted Bybacktrackers2    
Found By Afabas
Last Found Nov 23 2013
Hike Distance?

The Animals of Westmore Park
Difficluty -Pretty easy, family friendly
Time - an hour
clues updated 11/11/07 (significant changes made)

Directions to Park - From I-84, take exit 41 (South Main Street) and turn left at the traffic light onto South Main St. From I-84 West, take exit 41 (South Main Street) and turn right at the traffic light onto South Main St. Follow South Main St. for approximately 1.6 miles to the center of West Hartford. Cross Farmington Ave. (at which point South Main St. becomes North Main St.) and follow North Main St. for approximately 1.3 miles to the intersections of Route 44/Albany Ave. Turn left onto Route 44/Albany Ave. At the first traffic light (across from Staples) turn left, then immediately turn right at the blinking light onto Flagg Road. The entrance to the park is one-half mile up on the left. The address is 119 Flagg Road, West Hartford.

There are no dogs allowed at the park but there is a little farm and nature center. The last box is the only one with a log book. All the others have a stamp and ink pad.

Drive down past barns and park your vehicle. Find the gravel path and follow the fence. The animals in the barns and fields inspired this series.

Godiva - Follow the gravel path, taking a S-curve (right than left)and going past the path to cabin. At the #2 sign post, turn right. Follow gravel path, which at sign post #9 bends left. Head toward the bridge but don't go over. Look under the right side of the bridge to find "Godiva".

Clara - Continue on the gravel path so the stream is on your right. Take the first path to the left(at sign post #8 - which is hard to find during summer). Just after the curve in the path look to the left for the hugging hemlocks. Stand on the backside of these trees and head 115 degrees to a downed tree. Look on the SE side to find "Clara".

Shang - Contune on the path, turning right at the intersection and then taking the far left trail. Walk to birdhouse #54 and look left to the tree with the broken arm and a smaller fallen tree in the Y. Go to the north side and at the bottom to find "Shang".

Sarafina - Continue the same way you were heading (south) across the edge of the clearing. Take the path into the woods straight ahead. (Not the path to the left.) After walking a short distance you should notice a 12ft. upright tree stump on the left. From the back of the stump take a reading of 180 degrees (due south) and walk about 29 steps to a hole hidden on the NE side of the tree. Here you will find "Sarafina". (This is a newly carved stamp - the last was MIA.)

Tasha - Go back to the path and continue the same way. At the tree of 3 (on left side of path), look right (SW) to a fallen log (on other side of path). Walk to the end with a 1 foot upright stump to find "Tasha" in the end of the log. (This is also a newly carved stamp.)

Sasafras - Go back to the other end of the log next to the path. Take 40 steps up the path. Turn left (east) and take 8 steps off the path to the tree. On the east side find the final box Sasarfras.

Go back the way you had come to get to your car. You can turn right at the path after you go past birdhouse #54. That will bring you back to the large rock and you can follow the gravel path back to the parking lot.

The origninal stamps were carved by Chrisie. Thanks to Martha of the Backtrackers for making the new stamps. Please feel free with any comments regarding the series.