Pacific Crest Trail Desert Series  LbNA # 12546

OwnerLee & Nancy      
Placed DateDec 4 2004
CountySan Bernardino
LocationSan Bernardino, CA
Found By Kelsung
Last Found Feb 24 2012
Hike Distance?

This section of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) has easy access and is an easy hike with some long uphill sections. The round trip distance is about 3 miles.

Exit Interstate 15 at Hwy 138 and head north towards silverwood lake and turn right immediately onto Wagon Train Road past the McDonalds restraunt to the end of the road and park.

#1 Toad.
Begin up the trail, and soon you will see an old bridge foundation. From the beginning corner of the foundation, go 10 steps on a heading of 340 degrees, to a pair of rocks butted together. The box is located on the North side under smaller rocks.

#2 Tortoise.
Continue up the trail. The canyon opens up after 10 minutes or so, and you may have to cross a small creek, a short distance further. The trail eventually is intersected by a road and the trail turns right on the road. Continue down the road where you may have to cross a stream. Just before the road forks, there is a tree to your left of the road that contains what you are looking for, in the crook of the tree about two feet up under bark. They should also be blue and white signs about "High Pressure Gas Lines" in the area.

#3 Rattlesnake.
Continue up the road to your left for about 10 minutes past the gate across the road/trail, until you come adjacent to the base of a large electical tower. Turn right off the road onto the trail under the tower, and go up the trail alond a fence on your right. As you pass sandstone cliffs off to your left, there will be a large rock on the right side of the trail. On the back side of the nearby bush, under a pile of quartz rocks, is the rattlesnake. Always check for real snakes before sticking you hands in rocks and bushes.

#4 Scorpion.
One hundred yards up the trail, you will pass through a gate/fence-opening, then a little further you cross a road, and continue uphill wraping left around the mountain. About 10-15 minutes from the Rattlesnake Box you will reach a small meadow to the right of the trail (just a small flat area). Take care if you venture out onto the meadow, as the far edge drops away as a cliff. The letterbox is on the left (uphill) side of the trail, hidden behind the top of a string of 5 rocks going up the hill about 10-15 feet up. Be carefull climbing up this steep section of hill to retreive the scorpion.

Enjoy the predominantly downhill return to the trailhead.
When you get to the bottom, you may want to go left, down the asphalt road, to the riverbed and turn right going through the tunnel under the Interstate. This part of the PCT curves to the left looking dark, but does not require a flashlight.