Dig Dog  LbNA # 12559

Placed DateDec 4 2004
LocationMetz Hill, OR
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Last EditedOct 27 2015

Dig Dog Letterbox

This box is located on I-5 in Oregon, near Metz Hill. It was placed 12/4/04

Going northbound on I-5, go to the Cabin Creek Rest Stop. This is the rest
stop after the 142 Metz Hill exit. From the southern bathroom, take the
path behind the restrooms downhill. To the right of the trail is a
multitrunked tree family in a cicle. To the left is an out building.
Stand in the path behind the out building with your back to the restrooms.
Take eight steps to a large tree that will now be to the left of the
multitrunked tree family. The box is under the forest debris behind the tree.

Please be discrete and hide the box well. There are picnic tables
nearby so that you can stamp in at a comfortable pace.

Please email us and let us know that you got this box. Sometimes this pays off for the finder as well.

Happy Boxing,
Team Nashoba

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