MHO  LbNA # 12571

Placed DateDec 4 2004
LocationOxford, OH
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

The MHO letterbox is located in Hueston Woods State Park. For more info about directions and a map of the park go to

Park by the fishing pier and Sugar house on the SW shore of Acton lake. Find the W Shore trail (head SE and away from the Sugar Bush trail). At the first fork go right. Go over the wooden walkway. Stick to the path by the lake (American Discovery trail). You will cross 2 small streams (the 2nd may be more formidable during the wet season). A small island can be seen in the lake just to your left (No the Lb is not out there...but I would if I could). Find the area with the tangly trees. As you first enter this area notice how they line up perpendicular to the path. The fifth tree to the right has the MHO letterbox hidden behind some bark. Please rehide well and take the usual precautions when poking into strange holes.

Let me know when you find it.