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Fun in Spoonville  LbNA # 1259

Placed DateApr 27 2003
LocationEast Granby, CT
Planted ByRubaduc      
Found By Trailhead Tessie
Last Found Oct 11 2012
Hike Distance?

Planted by: Tom, Debbie & Rebecca
Date: 6/20/02
Difficulty: short hilly walk (rocky path)
Boxes: Two

Box #1 Reported Missing 20Nov10.

Tariffville Gorge (towering cliffs and scenic beauty) is off
Spoonville Road in East Granby, CT. Take Rt 187N over bridge of
Farmington River. Take your first right onto Spoonville Road, then
another right, to stay on Spoonville. Continue on it towards the
River (road actually changes to Tunxis Ave at the water). Follow it
to the very end until you reach a cul de sac parking area.

Facing the River, take the path to your left. Go down the hill on
the main path. Shortly you will see the River straight ahead. At
the fork, bear left, looking for a fallen tree off the main path on
your left. Look behind the standing tree, next to fallen tree,
under the rock; there you will find the first stamp. Log in and
place it discreetly back as this main path can be highly traveled
with kayakers.

Continue on down by the River. Enjoy the area. Explore the beach,
have a picnic or skim some rocks. If you are lucky you'll catch a
whitewater kayakers in action! (Nationally renowned area for
whitewater canoe and kayak venues)

To find the second stamp (which is to be stamped in the middle of the
first stamp), go back up the hill to the parking area. Proceed down
the path on the other side of parking lot, toward the River. Go down
main paved path to the lookout on your left. Then proceed down the
rocky dirt path closest to the water. Stay to the right on this
path. Soon you will step over two fallen tree trunks. Shortly you
will see a large rock on your left, with a 3-trunk tree on your
right. Go about 10 paces til you see a very large, tall oak tree
with a pile of rocks at about 130 degrees compass reading. Climb up
to tree and your second stamp lies behind two rocks on the northeast
side of the tree. Above, you will notice a higher path.
Thanks for coming to "Spoonville" – hope you
enjoyed your