Gold Rush 10/04  LbNA # 12625

Placed DateNov 18 2004
LocationChester, SC
Found By Richards6
Last Found Aug 9 2007
Hike Distance?

Enjoy a your picnic at a shelter by the lake,
Not far from here is the trail you will take.
Go past the house with boats for rent,
Think of all the good times spent.
Now up some steps that are made of stone,
But when descending, don’t break a bone.
Along your way you are sure to see,
You’ll cross over bridges 1, 2 and 3
To your right lay remains of an old stone wall,
To hide a box there, it must be quite small.
Go past one more shelter and a big Cedar tree,
And in the distance a pier you can see.
When you come to the bridge number 2,
You’ll see where the rangers made a big boo-boo.
To the right on the trail many branches appear,
The Trail widens out, you should go here.
The pier on the left, rock seat on the right,
Look down to the left, through a tree see the light.
To save a few minutes a left branch you can take,
Then follow on round to the end of the lake,
At the end of the lake where the water spills out,
Here you have reached our box without doubt.
Stand on the wall with your back to the lake,
At 290 degrees, 24 paces uphill take.
In a stump you will find our “Gold Rush” stamp,
Placed in honor of our 1st Cub Scout camp.
Now when you are done, please re-hide it well,
Just so passersby can never tell.

Gold Rush is a annual Cub Scout camping weekend, where the boys trade "gold" to play games and win small prizes. This is our 1st year in scouts and we hope to have many more.