Placed DateNov 28 2004
CountyIndian River
LocationVero Beach, FL
Planted BySePTeMBER    
Found By Wedguwe Tribe
Last Found Feb 9 2008
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Riverside Park Series

Riverside Park is east of the Indian River, just south of the Barber Bridge (rte 60). It is home to Riverside Theatre, an exercise circuit, tennis courts, a playground and the Vero Beach Museum of Art. Near each of these boxes there are places to park or you can walk between them.

LETTERBOX #1 - Under the Oaks
Enter the park on Riverside Drive going south. One of the first roads on your right has the same name as a famous astronaut. Turn right and find yourself in the parking lot of one of the attractions noted above. Stand at the front steps of the building looking across the parking lot at two large sculptures; the one on the left appears rocklike and the one on the right is red steel. To the east, on your right and across Riverside Drive, there is a large grove of live oaks. This is the site of many festivals featuring local artists including the “Under the Oaks” festival in March.

What you are looking for is located in one of the trees. Which one? It’s a rather unique tree. Try the following (on foot, please!!):

Cross Riverside Drive and walk along the sidewalk so that you are directly across the street from the fountain.
Locate lamppost 8CVB46B. Placing your head on the right side of this lamppost, looking away from the fountain, search for the twin trees (trunks 1 foot apart at the base). Your view from the lamppost between the twin trees frames Two connected trees in the distance. You need to walk 60 paces to this tree. Look three feet up the tree tucked between the tree trunk and the tree roots.

LETTERBOX #2 – Veterans’ Memorial Island Sanctuary (reported missing April 2006)
Looking toward the Indian river (west) and to the south of the Art Museum, you should see two flags – one on a flagpole at the end of a road, and one larger one behind it on an island. Go to the small flag, cross the bridge, and continue onto the island, taking careful note of the landmarks on the map on your right at the end of the bridge. Pass a placard saying “Lest We Forget” on your right. Go to the base of the large flagpole. On your left will be the Honor Guard. To your right is the Circle of Peace. Stand in the center of the Circle of Peace, turning so the flag is to your right.
In this direction, look for a memorial planted 50 years after the end of World War II. Between the Peace Tree and the memorial marker you will find what you seek. (you can sit on the marker and reach deep into the grass to your left). This is a very busy area; be discreet.

LETTERBOX #3 – Bridge View (reported missing April 2006)
From letterbox #2, look toward the Barber Bridge. There is a point of land just across a small expanse of water. On that point is your next find! (Note: while we were here there were dolphins feeding in this small bay!)
To get to the point, go back across the bridge and into Riverside Park and turn to the left at the flagpole with the small flag. (If you did not find #2, start here). There are many places to eat near the road going along next to the Indian River. Go to the largest of these places and face the river. This will be across the road from the restrooms (kid friendly clues!). You will see a pathway leading out to the point. Go out the pathway, passing a garbage can on the right and (at least) two lampposts on the left – maybe three if they have replaced one since Hurricanes Frances and Ivan! Between the last two lampposts and on the other side of the path is an unusual palm tree standing quite alone. Stand facing this palm tree so that the very center of the Barber Bridge is obscured. What you seek is directly in front of you hidden in the palm tree (about 16 hand widths high – when we planted it – trees grow!). HIDE THIS VERY WELL checking that it is obscured from many directions. This is a well traveled path; be discreet.

Please re-hide with care! Better than you found! Thank You!
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