Azures  LbNA # 12657

Placed DateDec 11 2004
Locationwauna/knappa, OR
Found By tgjamin
Last Found Mar 21 2010
Hike Distance?


To find this box you must first locate the Gnat creek letterbox placed by the paisley orca.
From the Gnat creek letterbox:
-Go back the way you came...
-at some point you will come to a carved out log that crosses the trail...
-from here take approximately 35 paces (counted by a woman 5'4" heel to toe)
-you sould find yourself in a square of four thin trees, two on either side of the trail...
-facing the gnat creek letterbox, on your left you should see a large stump no more than 5or6 feet off the trail...
-there should be a lare stone placed atop this stump...
-inside this stump behind this stone you will find the azures.

please put this box back well, it is not the most secretive spot... please let me know of it's progress and status. this was my first letterbox placed, and i would like to thank the paisley orca for indirectly helping me discover this beautiful pass time.
-happy hunting...much respect,