Grizzlies  LbNA # 12675

Placed DateDec 15 2004
LocationFranklin, IN
Planted ByTrail Mail Junkie    
Found By Lettering_Heroes
Last Found Apr 20 2009
Hike Distance?

You will need the clues for Franklin College to locate your starting point for this one. If you have time, you may wish to continue on Jefferson heading west and you will quickly be in the town square and can admire the beautiful courthouse, the Johnson County seat.
There is also a coffee shop on the east side of the square I believe, for those who need to warm up.

Begin at the visitor's parking lot, but this time head east across Branigin Blvd and cut between the buildings to the north of the Fine Arts Center. You should pass a modern sculpture and then find yourself in a long courtyard type place with paths leading to the different campus buildings. Head east until you reach the library. Look for the American flag and then cut south under the archway. Take the sidewalk in front of the Spurlock Center and cross Park Avenue. Continue South on First Street until you reach the south end of the tennis courts. Take the sidewalk west towards the stadium. At the gate, turn north and walk to the corner of the tennis courts and a brick column. At your feet under a piece of loose asphalt should be the prize. Yellow and blue ink will give it the true Grizzly colors! As with most of mine, this is a smaller than usual box, with a handcarved stamp. It should take you about 10-15 minutes total from the time you leave the parking lot. You will need your own ink. Please contact me if you find it. Don't let the winter blahs stop you, get out and "box". Again our First Finders, Big Feet Bechtel and Fever Fan!