Walk Like A Duck  LbNA # 12685 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 15 2004
CountySanta Clara
LocationSan Jose, CA
Found By kabob
Last Found Oct 23 2006
Hike Distance?

This cache is a letterbox hybrid. It has been crosslisted with Geocaching.com as a geocache as well, giving geocachers an opportunity to experience letterboxing. Follow the directions below to find it:

Take a moment today to watch the ducks...
Then search for the six convicts, and find the one who has escaped his cage!

The start is in San Jose, and is reached by turning WEST off of Santa Teresa Blvd. onto Blossom Hill Rd. Cross the lightrail and look for the FISH near the PIER. You can park on the RIVER, WEST of the pier.

Walk roughly NORTH down the ramp, and here we will calibrate your stride. Your pace and mine may differ both in length and definition. At the base of the ramp is a sign reminding you to SLOW down (always good advise). Just beyond this, to the NORTH, is another (lest you forget). Between these I measure 48 paces (each pace is a left and a right).

Now continue NORTH 19 paces. Here you will find directions to reach the end, hidden in a small green box. I NEARLY discarded these, but only just nearly...

Once you reach the end have a seat and take time to contemplate:
...why NOT eat fish?
...what IS that pole there for?
...are they REALLY sorry I can't swim?
After coming to terms with these and other questions, turn and walk 2 paces SOUTH, and scramble up 2, to find the escaped convict. The treasure is at his feet.

This Letterbox Hybrid cache contains a log and a handmade rubberstamp. There are several geocache trade items as well, and letterboxers are free to trade items if they wish!