Swiper Gets A Snack  LbNA # 12688 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 14 2004
CountyNew Haven
LocationWaterbury, CT
Found By Gizz
Last Found Jul 9 2009
Hike Distance?

Swiper got hungry from all of his travels. This is a nice, EASY box. No hiking, no cold, no compass, just stamping... and snacking.

-On Rt 8 North, take exit 36 and go right at the traffic light.
-On Rt 8 South, take exit 36 and go left at the stop sign, then left again at the traffic light and go under the overpass.

-Proceed straight for either four or five traffic lights (depending on whether you came north or south).

-Sabina's Diner will be on the right side of the road.

-Park. Go in door. Turn to left. Look behind bench.

-Sit. Stamp. Eat.

The owners of Sabina's know about the box, but the patrons do not. So, do like Swiper does and be sneaky when returning box to its place.