Pack 403  LbNA # 12702

Placed DateNov 24 2004
LocationRatcliff, TX
Found By Boots Tex
Last Found Feb 6 2006
Hike Distance?

Visit the Ratcliff Recreation Area in the Davy Crockett National Forest. You will find the trailhead for the Four C Hiking Trail at Ratcliff - if you want to try a long hike, it's a great one to try out! Although it is 20 miles long, it is a fairly easy trail, with one station midway to take shelter overnight, with water there to refill.

Ratcliff sports a beautiful little lake that is ideal for fishing and recreation. There is lots of nature to be seen and the scenery is beautiful. This is federally-owned, so if you are accustomed to Texas' awesome state parks, be prepared for a more rustic facility. Still though, this is a site worth an overnight trip.

GETTING THERE: The nearest towns,Ratcliff and Kennard, are very small, so look on your map for the town of Crockett, county seat of Houston County. Take Highway 7 from Crockett, about 16 miles East. When you arrive in Kennard, you will see signs for Ratcliff Lake or Ratcliff Recreation Area. Follow the signs. As of November 2004, it cost $3 per vehicle and $2 per person to camp.

Get a map from the headquarters and follow the road around the lake to the very end - the overflow camping area. Go to the end of the camping area and find a trail which leads back to the Old Mill Historic Site. Check out the old mill site, but follow the trail on around to the lake dam. When you reach the dam, turn 180 degrees until you are facing back toward the trail you just exited. Go back down the trail until you see a big fallen log on the left off of the trail. The end of the log butts up against a small tree. The box is in the other end of the log. Please rehide it well.

This box is a tribute to our Cub Scout pack's November 2004 campout -it was in the low 40's, but our boys and their families put their best face on the cold weather and had fun anyway! This hiding place was agreed upon by the sisters to the boys in the pack. Special thanks to them for being so interested and enthusiastic about learning to letterbox!