The Smiths of Eagle Point  LbNA # 12729 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 18 2004
LocationClinton, IA
Found By River Rat
Last Found May 28 2005
Hike Distance?

Unfortunately the box was vandalized and destroyed, but will be replaced as soon as we have the means (we live in Boston!)

Difficulty: Easy; suitable for children
Stamp: Hand-carved

Eagle Point Park is the premier park in eastern Iowa, known for its expansive views of the widest part of the Mississippi River and for its frequent bald eagle sightings. (Don't forget to pack binoculars!) From downtown Clinton, take route 67 north to North 3rd Street, and follow the park signs. Follow the driveway to the Visitor's Lodge and park in the lot.

This letterbox is a gift to the Smith family of Clinton who has shared many memories at Eagle Point over the years. From the west entrance of the Visitor's Lodge, head south on the paved path towards the bridge. Cross the bridge and be sure to think of those special people in your life while you do. Take a left onto the paved road and follow for approximately 5 minutes to the Lookout Castle. Approach the Castle, but do not climb it (save that for after). From the river-side of the Castle, head south to the first cedar (evergreen) grove. Enter into the grove so that you are standing in between the three tree trunks. Turn to face the westernmost trunk and locate the limb lowest and parallel to the ground. Find the Smiths at Eagle Point underneath, and leave us a message!