Churchill  LbNA # 12746

Placed DateDec 23 2004
LocationFulton, MO
Found By Wanderlaus
Last Found Nov 27 2009
Hike Distance?

Churchill is back up as of 4/9/06.

My son loves taking an active role in searching for the clues. If you are LBing with youngsters or would simply like a more user-friendly version, simply contact me a few days in advance and I’ll e-mail you a modified clue. I hope by doing this I can provide fun and challenge for all age groups.

Directions: This Letterbox is hidden in Fulton MO, at the Churchill memorial on Westminster campus. To get to Fulton from most places, exit I-70 at Kingdom City heading south. Exit into Fulton at the Hwy F/4th Street Exit. As you exit head East down the hill into Fulton. At the first stop light turn left. Proceed to the first stop sign. On the left will be a large stone church, this is the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury which dates back to the 12th century, and was redesigned by Sir Christopher Wren after the Great Fire of London in 1677.
Winston Churchill gave his most famous speech here in 1946, ‘Sinews of Peace’. It is more famously known as his ‘Iron Curtain’ speech where he predicted the onset of the cold war. The church and museum beneath it were erected in 1969 to commemorate Churchill’s speech.
On the South side you’ll find a statue of Churchill. This is your starting point. As this is my first LB, I relied heavily on compass bearings. They are all magnetic. A step equals roughly 24 inches. Enjoy!

Difficulty: Easy, though a bit of bushwhacking is required. May be difficult if done without the use of a compass, but I believe it can still be done. A decent compass capable of taking fairly accurate bearings will make it much simpler. If you're unfamiliar with compass bearings what better time to learn? Drop me a line and I'll send you some good links.

Clue: Find Mr. Churchill, then close by, find the Iron Curtain he predicted. Walk through the Iron Curtain on a bearing of 355˚ for 50 steps. Proceed 90 steps at 285˚. Standing with your back against this fellow, take a bearing of 255˚ and go 72 steps in that direction. 10 steps at a bearing of 307˚. Carefully drop down onto the flat surface and face north. Spot the casting lines in the wall, count four and behind it is your goal. Please re-hide carefully.

Hope you enjoy! Any feedback is welcome!

*please note that direction in this LB to a bonus box state paces, but in actuallity, they're steps, which equal about 24". Sorry for the confusion.