In These Woods - a poem box  LbNA # 12750 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 23 2004
CountyBritish Columbia, CAN
LocationComox, BRC
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When in Comox, BC go along the Avenue
Past Filberg Park and to the very end.
There Mack Laing Park will come into view
Now walk down the hill, across the bridge and right around the bend.

Hurry not, for the path is short
Enjoy the trees, the creek, and the birdsong
Look left for a shallow pond of some sort
There you will see on the right side a tree strong

The tree will have a hole right there in plain view
Eureka! You will cry…but don’t be fooled
Look around the sides of the tree for a more secret true.

There lies a little white box that will reveal a poem
(Much superior to this silly instructional rhyme)
Enjoy and then take the time to roam
The park lands and the ocean are worth the time