Catching Any?  LbNA # 12781 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 25 2004
LocationHenderson, TX
Found By The Rodgers 7
Last Found Mar 21 2009
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 11 2015

When you reach Henderson, head to the traffic star. The traffic star is the intersection of several major roads - if you aren't sure where it is from looking at a map, just ask any local - they can tell you!

At the traffic star, take Highway 64 West. Continue on 64 until you reach the light at the intersection of 64 and Highway 323. Begin watching for the first left turn after the 64/323 intersection as you are heading west on 64 - you're looking for the entrance to Lake Forest Park, but it isn't marked. Turn into the park and you will see a lovely little lake with a gazebo on the right. Fishing is sometimes pretty good!

Go slowly through the park, and you will see a playground far off to the left. Take the road to the left that leads back to the playground area. Continue around and park when you come to the playground set with the tall orange curly slide. Standing at the rope boundary, face the playground and stand so you are standing directly in front of the orange slide. Then look for a telephone pole very close to you and center your body visually between the orange curly slide and telephone pole. When you are centered between the two, turn and face the road. Look for a lone pine tree standing at 70 degrees East of North from where you are standing. Walk across the road to the tree and stand on its east side, facing into the scrub brush area. Scan the ground ahead of you for a fallen log. Walk to the log and stand on its east side. Turn and face the log and look along it for a stack of pine debris. Set the debris carefully aside and dig where it was for the box.

After stamping in, recover the box and replace the pine debris.

There is a stamp pad in this box, but it's a good stamp to color, so if you are so inclined, bring your markers and color it instead of using the stamp pad!