Power Line Trail  LbNA # 12793 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 25 2004
LocationSouth Windsor, CT
Found By Flutterby Flew By
Last Found Apr 18 2009
Hike Distance?

*** Box #1 stamp pad and pen busted will be replaced soon.

The path is off of Stanley Drive, which is off of Clark Rd, North of the intersection with Pleasant Valley Road. As you leave Clark, the path is 1/8 mile on your right.

Pine Grove
Go under the power lines until you come to a fork near pole number 849. Bear left at the fork. At the next fork, bear left into evergreen trees. Follow the path for a short distance until you see a stump. Stop at the stump and make a 1/3 complete turn to the right. Go 10 paces and turn left. Go 5 paces toward a forked tree. Look into the middle of the tree to find the letterbox.

Lake View
Follow the path and go between two trees in the middle of the path. Bear right, keeping the hill on your right. Pass a rotten tree on your left, then go up a hill. There will be a pond in front of you. Turn left on the path and follow the blue blazes. Do not take any of the side paths, keep going until you get to a small house. Go inside and look out the window on the right. You will see a fallen log about 15 yards away. Look under the log for the letterbox.

To get home, go back the way you came. When the lake is no longer on your left, take the next path left. Follow it to go back under the power lines, passing a wooden bench. Keep following the path and it will take you back to Stanley Drive.