The Brazos Fish  LbNA # 12803 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 26 2004
LocationSan Felipe, TX
Planted ByCatGirl & 00J    
Found By Gryzzled Gryphon
Last Found Mar 10 2006
Hike Distance?

This microbox is located in Stephen F. Austin State Park. Because it is in a state park, there is an entrance fee of $3.00 for adults, but well worth it. This place is great for bird watching, so I recommend bringing a guidebook and binoculars. The Brazos River runs right next to the park, which is where this box gets it’s name. Once at the park, get a map at the park office. Drive to the trailer camping area and park by the restroom on the outer loop road.

Take the Sycamore trail which starts about 20 yards north of the restroom parking lot. The trail appears to be a new version of the older Sycamore Trail going down stream, north, and is currently marked by orange ribbons on the trees. Walk down the trail for a short distance until the trail branches off into 2 paths. Take the left branch down towards the river and off the levee. The trail goes for about a ¼ mile until it branches towards the river and also switches back to the top of the levee. Follow the switchback to the top of the levee. You will come to yet another intersection of trails. Take the left branch which continues along the river on top of the levee to the north. From the intersection walk about 150 feet, 60 steps. On the right you should see three, short posts. From the southeast post, leftmost, take a bearing of 150 degrees. There is a dead tree full of holes about 20 feet away. The micro box is wedged in a large crack at the base of the tree.