J&M letterbox  LbNA # 12817 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 23 2004
Planted ByMichelle    
Found By Waseca County HH
Last Found Nov 4 2007
Hike Distance?

1 Start at the Spirit Lake Hy-Vee
2 Find the railroad tracks, go east, then north.
3 Go 1.5 miles north to St. Margaret's cemetary
4 Go around the curve to the left and go north 1.7 miles to a road that goes east.
5 Go to the ranger station. Read the campground rules.
6 Find the sign with bad water. It is south.
7 Go south to the comfort station
8 Find the red-orange water pump. It is south.
9 Keep going south around a bunch of trees to the next red-orange water pump.
10 Go south to the tall electric box.
11 Go south 105 paces to the comfort station.
12 Go to the big fat tree near post 164.
13 Go south to post 165.
14 Go 54 paces to post 166.
15 Continue on for 27 paces southeast. Surprise! You found our box.