Thinking of Home  LbNA # 12824

OwnerJ. Peter    
Placed DateDec 28 2004
LocationGeneva, FL
Found By shizuka
Last Found Jan 23 2010
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Last Found
January 23rd,2010
June 11th, 2005
March 21st, 2005

This is in the Lake Proctor Wilderness Area. Zip code 32732. The trails are level, covered with pine needles and an occasional root. It will not take you long, maybe 10 minutes, to find this box. When you arrive please get a map, there is 475 acres to explore, and my box only gets to the Flatwoods Pond.

Ok--How to get here-

From the West- Take route 46in from Sanford. When you cross route 426 you are close. Continue straight, on the left start looking for a sign with a Bobcat (?) on it. Pull in past the Map board and you will see the trail head.

From the East- Get off I95 onto route 46 West. Go a few miles. When you have crossed into Seminole County from Volusia County you will see CS Lee park on the right. You have about three miles to go. After passing Jungle road, and then Sand Pine Pl look on the right for a sign with a Bob Cat and the Lake Proctor Wilderness Area. Pull in beyond the Map board.

Sign in at the Map board.

Clues: Take the trail, after a few paces is a small post on the left with a 1. Follow on trail. Trail gets curvy and then hits a trail intersection. Go right with the red trail. At next intersection take left onto orange trail. At pond will be a Sign that thanks Eastbrook Elementary 2nd grade, 1996. Take 28 steps, on right is a two sister tree. Take another 20 steps on right is tree with orange trail marker. Take three steps back. On left is a two to three foot high skinny tree stump. Part of the tree that went above the stump is next to the trail. In front of this stump is the box you seek. Its surrounded by needles, the tree, and its roof are palm branches. Thanks for looking!

The stamp is hand carved.

There is a geocache in here(Three Monsters Lake Proctor Cache).

Any problems, or you just want to tell me you stopped by e-mail me at