A Dog's Life  LbNA # 12830 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 29 2004
LocationWindsor, CO
Found By Squipmunkels
Last Found Jul 29 2010
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is located near a little known dog park in Windsor, CO. Bring your 4 legged friend along for the fun!


1. At a center point between Fort Collins, Greeley and Loveland is where you'll find this town.
2. If traveling toward the east down main street, you will need to turn right on 7th street.
3. Follow 7th street till you get to the intersection of 7th street and Eastman Parkway.
4. Turn right onto Eastman Parkway. There will be a park on your left and a Catholic Church on your right. Keep driving along this road and when it begins to curve to the left, pull into the parking lot on the right side of the curve.
5. Park in this lot. You will need to get out and walk to the path that leads to the dog park.
6. Follow this path and just before you get to the gate of the doggie corrall, look to the left. There will be some fallen logs along the fence line next to the river.
7. The box is hidden among the logs.

Please attempt to hide the box better than you found it. This location can draw many visitors that may not appreciate letterboxing the way we do. Also, since this is a pretty public place, please be discreet.
If you want, please let me know when you find the box and if it is in good condition. There is also a cache in this area from the web site www.geocaching.com. After you are done, check out the other letterboxes in our town.

Planted by Sewnsew.
The letterbox contains a stamp, pen, journal and stamp pad.