ASU Memories #1-4  LbNA # 12872 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 26 2004
LocationTempe, AZ
Planted ByKristapea    
Found By Kristapea
Last Found Jan 16 2014
Hike Distance?

ASU Memory #1 (Main entrance described here is closed due to construction as of November 2005. Don't know how long it will be blocked. I have used this entrance on weekends with no problems and there is also a paved road that meets up with this trail coming from the west side of the mountain at the empty flour mill.It's difficult to find it but you can see it from the main entrance.

Difficulty: Medium, somewhat precarious but short. Find parking in one of the garages or on one of the side streets in the downtown area. I have moved this box as it was seeming a bit too precarious.

Start downtown Tempe at Mill Ave and 5th St. Head east on 5th St past police station and turn left into City of Tempe employee parking lot. Keep left and trailhead for Hayden Butte Preserve("A" Mountain) is behind Police/court house. Elevation is 1495'. Preserve hours are from 6am-10pm. When you get to the first rest area you can peer to the south and be pretty much be in line with the other 3 boxes. Go all the way to the top where the chain link fence surrounds the radio tower. Follow fence to the west a few feet and you will see sorority rock. If the letterbox were a snake it would bite you if you're standing next to this rock. This is the North side of the mountain. This is a heavy traffic area so please let me know if the box is gone.

ASU Memory #2(Back in place as of 11-6-05)

Difficulty: Easy as long as you time it during classes.

Back down the way you came. Out the parking lot and across the street, south on Forest Ave. You'll walk by the mosque with it's tile and patterns and if you were me you'd think of the first full time job I had painting tiles. The tiles with Arabic writing were made at the place I worked for over 6 years. So I think of that every time I walk by this place. And then on down the street on the left is The Alternative Copy Shop. I worked here briefly when it was a blueprint shop. Cross University Dr, going south onto campus along School of Architecture. Go right into the courtyard that is surrounded by Neeb Hall, The Art Building, and The Architecture Building. I set up my final sculpture project in the northeastern part of the courtyard. It was called, "Easy Chair For Mark Disuvero" and was assembled from parts in my mechanic boyfriends' yard. It was an ironic piece. The box you're looking for is under a staircase that leads to a locked door. About midway against the wall under the rocks. Please make sure you hide the box well covering it with the rocks so it's out of sight. If you go up the stairs you have a nice view of the sculpture yard where I made my final project. Look at all the artists hard at work. Towards the end of the semester they will be there all day and all night. This box has been moved as of 3-12-05. I didn't like the other spot at the corner of Neeb Hall.

ASU Memory #3

Difficulty: Easy.(Box being repaired as of 11-6-05. Also have one of the Dragonfly Hitchhikers, Will help to get it home)

If the art building is open check out The Harry Wood Gallery. You might catch a thesis exhibit. Go back down the ramp for box #3. Keep heading south. You'll come to the Lattie F. Coor building. Hey, this is new. Right across from this building is a doorway that says McClintok Hall and there is a soda machine on the left. Go though here to ramp entrance and go down.(Ooooh, what's through here?!) You will emerge in "The Secret Garden" or "Telepathic Gardens" as the plaque says. I have no idea how many students end up knowing about this by the time they graduate but I rarely see anyone in here. You'll see a stage with a strangely out of place hearth and a lovely garden within this courtyard. Go to the south end of the stage and sit on the steps. The box should be at the base of the Pyrocantha tree/bush with red berries under a rock under the vines. It's right THERE!

ASU Memory #4

Difficulty: Easy.

Back the way you came. Keep going south past Dixie gammage, past that butt ugly gigantic abstract aluminum multi-colored piece of *$#*@! Cross Gammage Pkwy to main path leading to Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium. Isn't the landscaping at ASU lovely! Up the steps towards the North lobby, turn right and head to West lobby. Follow the walkway til you see the fountain. Cross street and head for it. Go down around fountain til you see the locked up cages for the fountain breakers. About 4 feet west of this is a pile of 3 or 4 rocks. Here, hopefully the last box still hides.