The Once And Future Series  LbNA # 12892

Placed DateJan 1 2005
LocationCasco, ME
Found By Woodland Fae
Last Found Aug 6 2012
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The Once And Future Series
Casco, ME

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 20-30 minutes
Place: Mayberry Hill Preserve
Mayberry Hill Rd.
Casco, ME

Starting Directions to Mayberry Hill Preserve: From Portland, follow Rt. 302 to Rt. 121 into Casco. Just past Casco village, turn right on Mayberry Hill Road across the Pleasant Lake causeway and go up a long hill. Turn left at the T-intersection at the top of the hill. The Preserve, marked by a white sign, is a short distance on the right; park along the road and walk in. Dogs on leashes are welcome.

We planted this series on a whim during a much-too-short New Year's weekend in Maine and won't be back to check on it till summer 2005, when we plan to add a few more boxes to the three now in place. If you find them between now and then, we'd love to hear how they're doing.

Note: there are no ink pads in these boxes, so plan to bring your own. The stamps are rough and homemade, but can be dressed up nicely with colored markers if you're so inclined.

Happy hunting!
Pico and D


There is something in this place…

White, The Once And Future King, Book 1

From the entrance to the wood, only one path lies before you. Take it a short distance, bold adventurer, until a tree of seven trunks rises from a wall of stone on your left. Here lies the first test, for here, from a rock against that same tree's base, mayst thou pulleth out the Sword In The Stone box.

Thus armed, thou wilt need a trusted advisor. Continue down the path until a second wall of stone appeareth on the right, and then turn to the right and walk down that path. In due course will on your left appear a tree with one branch for each season and, behind it, a stump the height of a great man. The magician Merlin, caught between time and seasons, makes his temporary home at the base of this stump, and here mayst thou imprint him in thy record.

Now, with sword and magician safely found, walk onwards. Be not deterred by the stone wall that lies in thy way, for the path leads straight through it, but continue on until thou comest to the king's stone throne on thy right. Under the left hand of anyone seated in it, safely hidden under the throne's base, lies the mighty castle Camelot.

If thou wilt, thou mayst continue on the path to loop around to the beginning; or, if a shorter quest is preferred, merely reverse thy steps to backtrack out to whence thou came.