Abamit and her Shadow at Planet Walk  LbNA # 12897 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 25 2004
LocationKenwood, CA
Found By threeonthego
Last Found Jun 18 2005
Hike Distance?

Update: This letterbox is MISSING

This letterbox is a companion box to Mimulus' Planet Walk at Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, and a special gift to Mimulus on her home turf. Look for it during your Planet Walk hunt - if you follow Mim's clues, you won't miss it.

*Abamit's name comes from Hebrew, and could loosely mean a female unidentified object :-). Pronounce it ah-BAH-mit.


Abamit of Planet Y went to visit her friend from Sedna. Alas, to her horror, she discovered that not only was her friend missing, Sedna itself was gone! Her ship's special sensors told her that Sedna took off toward the Sun, and Amabit decided to follow - on her first close encounter with the sun. As she neared the sun, her sensors picked up her friend's location: on the third planet from the sun. But when she was quite close to her friend, she was alarmed to discover that she was not alone in her spaceship. The intruder stayed very close to her and matched all her movements! Increasingly distraught, Abamit left Earth and proceeded all the way past Saturn, but the creature remained. Then, in a panic, Abamit turned right immediately after a wood bridge and went under a large rock below the second vertical beam (and second metal cable) from the edge of the bridge, hoping the intruder would be discouraged by the still darkness. This was a relief - to wait in the still darkness, familiar and comforting as her home Planet Y. Indeed, in that darkness, the intruder was gone - only to appear again when someone opened the spaceship to stamp their letterbox.