Millbrook Ridge  LbNA # 12903

Placed DateJan 1 2005
LocationNew Paltz, NY
Found By Einstein
Last Found Nov 17 2012
Hike Distance?

Trail length is about 2.5 miles going to it and 1.5 miles back if taking the foot path. (Millbrook mountain trail [RED] )

The easiest way to this letterbox is by biking to it on the YELLOW Millbrook trail in the Lake Minnewaska State Park. From the end of the yellow trail by the Millbrook Ridge lookout there is a RED trail that is a foot path back to the lake. At the end of the Yellow Carriage way there is a sign on the RED trai that says :"Millbrook Trail" Down the foot path 100 paces is a 3.5 foot speckled boulder that has a double red slash and a single red slash on it. From the rock go 16 feet to the Southwest and here among the ground stones is hidden the letterbox. If you get to the fork in the trai - you have gone to far! Good Luck