otamaY burcS larutaN aerA  LbNA # 12917

Placed DateJan 2 2005
CountyPalm Beach
LocationBoca Raton, FL
Found By Rick_in_Boca
Last Found Mar 21 2005
Hike Distance?

** Reported Missing November 2005 **
(I'd be willing to bet that winds just blew it away within the park... probably not too far from where it was planted)

otamaY burcS larutaN aerA

Difficulty rating: 3 - Challenging. An experienced letterboxer will find these clues to be somewhat challenging. May require some alertness on the trail to find the letterbox.

Terrain rating: 3 - Not suitable for small children. The average adult or older child should be OK depending on physical conditioning. Terrain is a rough trail. May have some overgrowth.

Location: West side of Congress Ave., 1/4 mile south of Congress Ave. exit from I-95

Description: A 217-acre preserve of natural Florida scrub jointly owned by the state of Florida, Palm Beach County and the city of Boca Raton.

Facilities: Not yet designed

The otamaY burcS larutaN aerA is currently NOT a "developed" park. Eagle Scouts have blazed a hiking trail through the north end of the natural area.

There are no facilities at this site. Not handicapped accessible. Not suitible for small children. No specialized equipment is necessary, but the trail is sandy with pine needles, so good shoes would be helpful. It will take about 1/2 hour to complete the search. The hike is a fraction of a mile. Portions of the path may have some light overgrowth.

Directions: From I-95 exit at Congress Avenue -- head south to NW 6th Avenue (entrance to an Industrial Park) -- turn left and drive to the end of the road. Park where your car won't get hit by a semi-truck.

The scub is surrounded by a two-rail wooden fence. The entrance to the scrub is a locked double-wide green gate. Jump the fence near the gate and you will see a bull-dozed path that goes straight, and another that goes left along the green fence and wraps around to intersect with the main path. Go straight into the scrub on the main path. Within 50-yards AT THE INTERSECTION OF THE MAIN WIDE PATH WITH THE OTHER WIDE PATH, the Scouts have marked a trail with red flags.

The red flags are very small and not obvious. The flagged path intersects with the main (bulldozed) path. The path you want to follow is to the right. If you miss the first entrance, you will find it exit towards the end of the main path (on the right) well before getting to the canal.

Take the path and follow the red flags. Near a large tree look for a cut-off tree stump about 18" wide. Nearby (to the NorthEast - to get your bearings, listen for highway traffic to the East) is a small animal (probably Gopher Tortise or Armadillo) trail marked with both a yellow flag and blue flag on the large tree. Go down the trail 15 yards and behind a medium-sized pine tree is the letterbox, under some broken tree branches.

Florida scrub is a plant community easily recognized by the dominance of evergreen shrubs and frequent patches of bare, white sand. With more than two dozen threatened and endangered species dependent upon scrub, the entire community is itself endangered. Florida perforate cladonia is a federally endangered lichen endemic to the Florida high white sand scrub communities.

Verified on 20-Apr-2005