Tree Fairies  LbNA # 12919

Placed DateJan 2 2005
LocationLittle Creek, DE
Found By The Two of Us
Last Found May 6 2013
Hike Distance?

Tree Fairies

South of Little Creek, Delaware

Travel Route 9 to the Little Creek Wildlife Area. Turn into the main area management area with the paved road. Go until you have to take a left or a right. Take a left. The road gets bumpy. Go under a high powered clue. Travel for almost one mile from the pavement‘s end, but if you go through the orange gate you’ve gone too far.
Park, cross the road, and take a walk on the boardwalk. Walk softly and you can often hear the fairies in the bushes along the walkway. The path leads to a tree fairy observation tower. Go to the top of the observation tower and you may see tree fairies in the nearby tree tops. There are often birds in the trees, too. And the view is beautiful (Bring your camera!).
Find the direction of the rising sun and turn around. Look down from the observation tower and find the path that was once trees. Go to the bottom of the tower. Take 12 steps on that path, look under where you walk, and find the tree fairies hiding place. The left-wing, tree-hugging, green-party liberal tree fairies refused to be mounted on wood. The lid of the ink pad, however, is acceptable and I found works quite well. When stamping, give the fairies an ever so gentle roll to make a clear impression. (You may want to make a practice stamp on scratch paper.) Please enjoy and re-hide carefully. Also, if you can, let us know the condition of the letterbox.

The Desk Partners