Tony's Tribute  LbNA # 12989 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 6 2005
LocationLake Charles, LA
Found By Dixie Boy
Last Found Feb 8 2009
Hike Distance?

8 February 2009 We just learned that this box is still alive and well, though the trail remains officially closed after hurricane Katrina. The tree has toppled over, so the box is now under rather than behind the tree.

This box is placed in honor of Grumpy's Uncle Tony who died recently. He loved the many years he and his family lived in Louisiana - the people, the food, the music, the good times.


Sam Houston Jones State Park, 12 miles north of Lake Charles. From I10, take exit 27 and go north on 378. Follow brown signs to Sam Houston Jones SP. Pay fee, get trail map, and drive to the Nature Trailhead. The Deer Pen will be on your left as you bear right to the trailhead.


Walk west on Blue trail for about 175 yard to second Yellow Trail sign on left. Turn left and follow yellow trail southwest about 65 steps. Turn right at junction with another Yellow Trail sign. Walk about 140 steps to an unmarked trail uphill to two benches with a view of the river. Enjoy the view then continue down the trail towards the water. At the two large Yellow Trail signs, turn and face the signs. Behind the right-hand sign there is a large tree. Tony's Tribute letterbox in on the river side of the tree hidden under bark and leaves. Look nearby for Silver Eagle's Mudbug Microbox.