The Lost Rope Swing  LbNA # 13005 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerTall Texan    
Placed DateJan 8 2005
LocationHouston, TX
Found By Wry Me
Last Found Dec 31 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedJan 1 2016

Box replaced due to flooding - Alive and well - 6/21/08

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate - some negotiation of trail slopes required. Total Distance Car to Letterbox: 75 yards

The Lost Rope Swing Letterbox is located in Briarbend Park on Woodway in the Charnwood subdivision in West Houston. In my youth my friends and I searched the bayou for this legendary swing and found it. It was an amazing and scary ride. I have canoed this stretch of the Bayou looking for the swing but, alas 32 years later, all signs of it are gone.

From I-10 - exit Voss/Bingle and head South on Voss approximately 2.4 miles to San Felipe Rd. Continue on Voss past San Felipe and take the first right on Creekwood (just past the Shell Station @ exactly 2.5 miles from I-10). As Creekwood curves left it becomes Woodway and you will come to an intersection with Stony Brook. Continue forward through the intersection and you will see the park on the right.

To the Letterbox - Find the pavilion near the center of the park. Sit with your back to the street (facing the woods), get out your compass, hand it to the youngest person present, and have he or she find a bearing of 290 degrees. In that direction you will find a gate leading to wilder parts along the bayou. Go through the gate 15 paces down to the observation deck. Face the deck and look to your right, at 10 paces you should see a metal trash can. Continuing past the trash can you should see a trail across the top of a black drain pipe and then down into the sand above Buffalo Bayou to an enormous pine tree overlooking the bayou. The distance from the trash can to the pine tree is 70 paces. Uphill to your right, you should see wooden steps leading up to an abandoned foot bridge. It is 17 paces to the start of the bridge. The letterbox is located across this bridge on your left as you pass the last plank (Look left and down about 2 feet down below the bridge deck in the corner where the trail meets the bridge). The letterbox is under branches and leaves. You will see the quick, but steep exit behind the letterbox. Please rehide and weight with something heavy.