Happy Trails  LbNA # 13007

Placed DateJan 8 2005
Location???, NJ
Found By ???
Last Found Apr 13 2015
Hike Distance?

Decryption Key
(letter above equals below,and vice versa)

***This box DOES NOT include a stamp pad***

It is advised that if you should seek this letterbox in rainy weather or it has been raining for some time to PLEASE be sure to wear water proof shoes as the beginning of this trail can be puddle ridden. These puddles are only deep enough to cover the tops of your shoes, or ankle deep at the very most; nothing deeper.

*****Anything in “QUOTES” needs to be changed to the key above*****

Your quest will start at “CNXVZ CBAQ”.

Start at the parking lot for “CNXVZ CBAQ”. From the parking lot start at the easterly stop sign. You will need to walk 210 degrees across the road to the “OYHR GENVY”. Take this “OYHR GENVY”.

As you proceed on your hike down the “OYHR GENVY” you will see a series of numbered posts (#10). When the “GENVY” splits in a Y shape you will need to stay on the “GENVY” that runs at 110 degrees (the “OYHR GENVY”).

Stop at the #9 marker and look in a “FBHGU JRFGREYL” direction to see a small swamp with one lonely pine tree in the middle.

Continue on the “OYHR GENVY”. Take the “OBNEQJNYX”. What is this the beach?? PLEASE be careful this “OBNEQJNYX” can be very slippery if it has been raining or there has been snow.

When you get to the end of the “OBNEQJNYX” sight the next “OYHR OYNMR” and walk to it. At that tree take a compass reading and “FVTUG N CNGU” at 285 degrees.

Walk 8 paces to the 2 trees “ARKG GB RNPU BGURE”. There will be two downed trees near them. “ORUVAQ” the two standing trees look at the “ONFR” of them. You will find what you came for. Thank you for stamping in. Please return it to it’s proper resting spot and please cover well. Thank you.

When you come back out to the path take the “GENVY” at 150 degrees back out (this is still the “OYHR GENVY”).

Passing the #8 marker. When you get to where the “OYHR GENVY” ends take the “CVAX GENVY” at 45 degrees back out to the road. At the paved road walk “ABEGU JRFG” back to the parking lot.

Always proceed at your discretion. The owner of this letterbox assumes no responsibility for your actions or any occurrence to you or your company on this hunt. Please remember you are in a state forest. Remember pack in pack out your trash and only you can prevent forest fires. Treat this forest as if it were your home. Tread lightly.

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