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A Bug's Life  LbNA # 13015 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 9 2004
LocationIndianapolis, IN
Found By Armadillo Jo
Last Found May 2 2005
Hike Distance?

A Bug's Life
This box is located in a small urban park on the northwest side of Indy. This is my first box with my first handcarved stamp. It is kid friendly and pet friendly. Compass may help those who are directionally impaired but if you can tell "west" you won't need it. The park is called Wish Park, one of Indy Park's small ones. It is on 71st street on the north side just east of Michigan Road.

Once in the parking lot. Notice the 4 evergreens lining the west side. The northern most tree (just west of the playground) hides your treasure. As always, be sneaky and rehide well. Contact me if you find it and let me know its condition. Thanks. Fever Fan.
Missing as of 6-14-2005.