Life Lessons From the Jukebox Series  LbNA # 13020

OwnerSprite and Highlande    
Placed DateJan 9 2004
LocationAll across the USA!, MY
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 13 2008
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Life Lessons From the Jukebox Series #1

Never go chasing after a horse in a blizzard...and if a hoot owl starts howling for more than 5 nights in a row outside your window, either make out a will or shoot that bird!--Michael Martin Murphy

While driving the No Doz induced 24+ hours from Dallas to Buffalo, we (the Sprite and the Highlander) found ourselves listening to the Time Life Sounds of the 70's CD collection. By the end of the trip, a long list of life lessons had been gleaned from the hours of sappy ballads, disco anthems, and country crossovers.

To find this song, head out to the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge off Route 63, a good 10 miles north of the NYS Thruway. A wooden sign to your right lets you know you've entered the refuge. After driving through the large expanse of flooded timber that flanks both sides of Route 63, you'll come upon a dirt road in an open space to the left where you can drive to a kiosk that overlooks some of the federal lands. Turn in and park, but make note of the first tree on the right. Under a rock near its roots is a stampable reminder of the song Mr. Murphy gave his sage advice in.

Note: There are at least 3 or 4 other boxes near this refuge, not all of which belong to us...check Atlas Quest for the closest ones! Happy Hunting!

The Sprite & The Highlander