Blissful Bulldog  LbNA # 13030

Placed DateNov 14 2004
LocationSeguin, TX
Found By txcachem
Last Found Jan 17 2014
Hike Distance?

***************************Alive and well July 5, 2005. There is dense plant growth in the immediate area of this box. PLEASE poke and prod thoroughly with a long stick before attempting to get this box.************************

It’s not clear if it was to take a break from studying for a big exam or to just to spend a few minutes studying nature, but this TLU Bulldog is sound asleep in Starke park and is missing out on campus life! Can you go find him and wake him up before he sleeps the semester away?

Starke Park is located on Business SH 123 south of Seguin. Traveling south, you will exit 123 to the right and continue traveling parallel to 123. You will come to a place where the road Y’s. Go left, under 123 then left again with a playground on your right. Turn right to enter the park. Now the playground is on your right and baseball diamonds are on your left. Keep traveling in a more or less straight direction through an open pipe gate and enter a pecan orchard. Turn left and park at a large blue pavilion.

Walk to the NE corner of the pavilion. Heading due north, travel across the pecan orchard until you have crossed two paved paths. Starting at a nearby light pole, walk about 85 steps at a heading of 320 degrees. You will come to a rise with the remains of a rotting tree. Look at the SE side of the base of the tree for the letterbox.

I found ants in the area, or more correctly, they found me, so watch out for them!