SnoLab  LbNA # 13054 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerLindsays Snowman    
Placed DateJan 12 2005
LocationMariemont, OH
Found By LEED.
Last Found Jul 3 2008
Hike Distance?

Take Columbia Parkway (Hwy 50) East of the City of Cincinnati to the Village of Mariemont. Turn Right on Pleasant Street (immediately following the park with the bell tower). At the first stop sign turn right onto Mariemont Avenue. Follow this street to its end and park at the Madisonville Site.

Starting at Ohio Historical Marker 49-31 read about the Fort Ancient culture that existed at the Madisonville Site between AD1450-1670. This site was extensively studied by Dr. Charles Metz and Harvard University’s Frederic Ward Putnam between the years of 1879-1911.

Count 67 “steps” (slate steps). If you want you can go into the Pavilion to enjoy the view of the Little Miami River. Go back to the 67th “step”. Walk 17 paces at 250 degrees followed by 5 paces south. Look East at about 4 paces. There should be two logs on top of each other pointing in at N-S direction. Look for SnoLab under the log that can be moved.

SnoLab was carved by antimony in honor of the birthday of Lindsay's Snowman.

Please contact the placer when you find SnoLab.

Lindsay’s Snowman