Gates Mills I & II  LbNA # 13100

Placed DateJan 14 2005
Location1491 Chagrin River Road, Gates Mills, OH
Found By MickeyMouse
Last Found Jun 6 2013
Hike Distance?

From I-271, take the Mayfield Road East exit. Drive through the Mayfield Rd. (Rte. 322)/SOM Center Rd. (Rte 91) intersection. You will pass two more traffic lights and Hillcrest Hospital on your right. At the next light, turn right (West Hill Road); at the stop sign, turn left and begin descending the lo-o-o-ong curvy Old Mill Road into the village of Gates Mills. When the white picket fences come to an end on your right, park along the curb after you pass Epping Road.

Looking across the street, you will see the church called St. Christopher's-by-the-River. To the right of it, notice a sidewalk that separates it from the house next door. Begin walking here.
[You could make this a "drive-by" letterbox by parking closer to the library, but I am leading you this way so you can enjoy crossing the bridge over the Chagrin River.] After you cross the bridge, notice the little park on the left. This is the Village Arboretum.


Original planting: 3/27/05
Box replacement: 3/06/09
Difficulty: Very easy

Boots, if it has been raining much or the river has recently overflowed.
Long pants (There is evidence of long-term poison ivy residence among these trees :)

Many different trees are represented in this arboretum, and most of them are identified with a small, white label either tied to a branch or stuck on its bark. I hope you enjoy the serenity of this tiny park as much as I do.

Clues: After entering the arboretum and walking down the steps, take the trail to the left and walk along the river. When the trail splits, take the right fork; immediately after, turn into the trail to the right. Pass 2 large trees on your right; the third tree is a medium-sized Sassafras tree. Look for the letterbox in the hollow to the back of this tree, behind a chunk of wood.

Exit the arboretum the same way you entered.


LIBRARY HOURS: Monday - Thursday: 9a.m.-9p.m.
Friday, Saturday: 9 - 5:30.
Sunday: 1 - 5p.m.

Originally planted: 1/14/05
Re-planted in new library: 5/17/06
Difficulty: Easy


Exit the Village Arboretum and walk to the left until you come to the Chagrin River Road. On the other side (and a little to the north) is the Gates Mills Library, wherein lies your next quest.

Enter the library, walk past the fireplace and down the center aisle towards the meeting room in the back, and notice the shelves straight ahead, under the window. If you locate the publications on the history of Gates Mills on the second shelf, you will have no trouble finding a thicker "book" by Charles Darwin entitled "The Descent of Man." I am certain that the contents of this tome will be of interest to you.

When you are finished, please replace the letterbook exactly where you found it.

Now, go back to your car, cross the bridge and turn left on Chagrin River Road if you would like to hunt for the Gates Mills III box.
Drive until you come to the traffic light. When it's green,
cross Mayfield Road and continue driving north (still on Chagrin River Rd.), according to the directions for that letterbox...