Bucking Bronc  LbNA # 1311

Placed DateOct 5 2002
LocationWilson, KS
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Planted by The Family. Today that is JT, TT, Jammer, Squirrel the nut and rtrw.

Difficulty – not hard, but there’s a climb
Time – 30 minutes to an hour, not including stamp in time
Directions to starting place – Make your way to the Hell Creek Section of Wilson Lake State Park. Pick up a map and nature trail brochure and head to the Dakota Nature Trail.

Details you should know – Der Mad Stamper’s Wilson Lake Letterbox is on this trail. It has been in place since 1999, and we were the first ones to stamp in. He’s a terrific carver, and more people should go find this box. We planted our letterbox as a tag a long on the same trail in hopes that … if we plant them, they will come…

Details you don’t need to know, but might enjoy - We saw a small snake there. There are some amazing views of Lake Wilson along this trail. I found two round gourds here, too. We were here on a gorgeous windy day. Definitely not typical Kansas views from the top.

Clues: Park near the restroom building and head up the trail to the left as you face it. There is a bench at the overlook on top of the hill. Either take the long trail around (my suggestion) or turn right onto the short loop (Squirrel’s idea). Either way you will have a chance to pick up the box. Where the two trails meet and the sand rocks greet (at # 11 on your map), your prize is tucked into the rocks that look off the south. Regarding the stamp, I now know that bulls aren’t broncs. See what happens when a Yankee tries to plant letterboxes in the mid west.