Sunset Over the Beach  LbNA # 13144

Placed DateJan 15 2005
LocationTreasure Island, FL
Found By The Aloes
Last Found Sep 21 2014
Hike Distance?

Once you are in Treasure Island, head south on Gulf Blvd until it meets West Gulf Blvd at Sunset Beach. This will be right before you cross a bridge to St Pete Beach. There is a small park at this corner.

As you enter the park, there are 3 silver eucalyptus like plants. Behind the first is a "sprinkler" that contains the letterbox. Please replace as found and be careful to not be seen. If you are asked what you are doing, you can always say you are being a good citizen and pulling weeds.

Parking is a problem. As you turn the corner at Sunset Beach, there is a small lot with meters. When we check on the box, one of us gets out and the other drives around.