Small Bear's Birthday  LbNA # 1317

Placed DateMar 22 2003
LocationHebron, CT
Found By SherlockMiles
Last Found Apr 12 2017
Hike Distance?

Planted March 22, 2003
by: jessie
Rated: short easy walk
Location: Gay City State Park Hebron CT

This box was placed by Jessie in honor of her sister, Small Bear, on her birthday. Small Bear got her nickname from her dad many years ago because of her love for the Berenstein Bears story books. Small Bear is an active letterboxer. From her name most people might think she is a young child, but on March 23, 2003 she will turn 21 and will be graduating from college in May. Please sign in and write your birthday wishes to Small Bear.

Gay City State Park is located on Route 85 in Hebron.

From the winter parking lot walk past the welcome sign, on your right there will be a small cemetary and picnic tables. Just past the picnic tables, there is a small parking lot and a trail going off to the right. This is the white trail, also called the Pond Loop. Walk a short way on the white trail until you come to a break in a stone wall that the trail goes through. Walk through the break and head west along the stone wall. Go about 25 paces to a tree that is leaning to the right. Look between the tree and the rock for the Small Bear Birthday Letterbox.