Oak of the Golden Dream  LbNA # 13198 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 22 2005
CountyLos Angeles
LocationSanta Clarita, CA
Planted ByParrrot Head jmo    
Found By geishagirl
Last Found Jul 24 2005
Hike Distance?

Status Update 2/27/07: This box is missing, I hope to get it replaced before April. For now check out the City Heros Series which is also located in Placerita Canyon park.

This box is located at Placerita Canyon park and nature center. To get there get on Hwy 14 and get to Santa Clarita. Take the Placerita Canyon exit and go east up into the canyon. When you get to the big sign that says Placerita Canyon Nature Center/Park (it is something like this, not it exactly) turn right into the park. Please note that the park is closed from sunset to sunrise and most places say no parking after 5:00 pm.

There are several trails in the park and this letterbox is located on the Ecology trail. Take the Ecology trail starting by the bathrooms at the Nature Center (you can pick up a trail map in the nature center).

Take the rock lined trail and always follow the path to the right. After you have come around to where a pipe comes out from under the road (Placerita Canyon road)into an area that is blocked off; continue on the path just a short way until you come to a bench.

Sit on the bench facing the trail and look towards your left. You will see a tree just a few paces to your left. There are rocks at the base of the tree. The Letterbox is between the trunk and the largest rock; with another white speckled rock covering it up.

Because my boyfriend is a techno geek and I insisted he come along, he also wanted me to include GPS coordinates! So here goes: Lattitude 34 degrees 22.782 minutes North and Longitude 118 degrees 27.938 minutes west.

Check out the story of The Oak of the Golden Dream at the Nature Center to understand the story behind this box!