Hog Lake Whooper  LbNA # 132

Placed DateJan 24 2003
LocationTivoli, TX
Found By (hidden)
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Hog Lake Whooper

The Aransas
National Wildlife Refuge is the
one place in the United States where you are almost guaranteed to see
Whooping Cranes. During the winter months, North America's tallest birds
leave their breeding grounds in Canada and come here to feast on blue crabs
and shellfish, culinary delights you can also enjoy during your travels
along the Gulf Coast. Trail closures may require creative thinking and a map to find this box. It IS accessible

To the trailhead: The refuge is located off Highway 35 about 65 miles
northeast of Corpus Christi. The turnoff is well-marked with a brown sign.
Once inside the refuge, stop at the Visitor Center to pay the entry fee and
get a map.

To the letterbox: Park at the Hog Lake Trailhead. Walk the trail until you
reach the Wetlands pier. Where board meets tarmac walk at 122 degrees until
tarmac ends. Stroll along the grassy verge for 33 Steps at 200 degrees.
Across the clearing, 22 steps at 132 degrees should bring you to the
smaller of two neighboring stumps, home to this North/South traveler.
Note: Although Whooping Cranes are very territorial, Silver Eagle's Aransas
Whooper lives close at hand. Visit them both!

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